PLOCAN organizes the knowledge transfer conference on Operational Oceanography

The knowledge transfer MARCET conference on Operational Oceanography has taken place in the facilities of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands.

The objective of this conference is the transfer of knowledge about Operational Oceanography from the experts in the field to the rest of the partners, which fulfills one of the project objectives. Seven international entities have participated, including Cape Verde and the United Kingdom.

The conferences included talks about the development of new technologies such as hydrocarbon and acoustic sensors, environmental monitoring, hydrocarbons and oceanographic models and automatic processing of bioacoustic data.


More than 50 people attended the conference, including MARCET partners of IUSA, TIDES, SIANI, CETECIMA, and companies associated with the project such as Dolphins and Whales S.L.

Acces to the training is available here.

The MARCET Project is co-funded by the European Territorial Co-operation Program INTERREG V for Spain –Portugal (2014-2020) / Cross-border cooperation through the priority axis “Promoting research, technological development and innovation”.